White Fronted Amazon Parrots




White Fronted  Amozon Parrot for sale. 

White Fronted Amazon parrots can be delightful pets, with a tendency to bond strongly to one person. Although, these are the smallest of all of the Amazon parrots, their screams, barks, and trilling can sound quite harsh.

How to Interact with White Fronted parrot 

How well you interact with your White Fronted Amazon parrot is very important to its happiness and overall well-being. Train your parrot to eat food from your hand and follow a target. Communicate with it frequently by teaching it words and phrases and repeating them often.

Training Your White Fronted  Parrot

Get your parrot to eat out of your hand. The first step to training a White Fronted    parrot is to get it to eat out of your hands. Simply hold a treat through the bars of the parrot’s cage and wait for it to come take the treat. Be patient and still, as this process might take a while depending on how fearful the parrot is when you first get it.

Teach your bird to target. Hold out a “target stick” (e.g., a chopstick) and wait for it to come over and touch it with its beak. As soon as it does, give it a treat. Move the stick around and encourage your parrot to follow and touch it, rewarding it when it does. If your bird refuses to touch the stick on its own for the first time, gently touch the stick to its beak and reward it.

Get the bird to step onto a perch, or your hand. Use the “target stick” to guide your bird to a perch or your hand. Introduce a phrase like “step up” every time you prompt it onto target area, and reward it promptly when it does. Gradually phase out use of the “target stick,” instead simply using the prompt and presenting the target stand

Teaching Your White Fronted parrot How to Speak

Teach your White Fronted  Amazon simple words. Encourage bonding and communication with your parrot by saying simple words for it to repeat. Keep in mind that birds tend to learn words more easily when you deliver them enthusiastically. Establish context for certain words by saying them in situations where they would be appropriate

Be patient during the learning process. Be patient while your parrot learns how to speak and keep trying to teach it new words and phrases. Some parrots may take days or weeks to process words and repeat them back, while some may never be able to reproduce certain sounds. Accept your parrot’s progress and limitations and note that speaking to it regularly is important for its social needs regardless

Reinforce your parrot’s vocabulary. Your parrot may lose a word or phrase from its vocabulary if you do not encourage it to repeat it regularly. The best way to maintain your bird’s speech patterns is to talk to it regularly and enthusiastically. Hearing you say phrases, or being rewarded with attention and praise for saying them itself will help your pet remember.

Calmly guide your parrot away from overused or repetitive sayings. If your parrot repeats certain words or phrases incessantly, don’t react strongly. Try repeating a new word or phrase each time your bird says the old one. It will enjoy the back and forth with you and be tempted to repeat the new phrase, eventually breaking the repetition of the first one.



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