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The Hahn’s Macaw is one of three red-shouldered macaws kept as a pet throughout many households .They are on average 12 inches in length. They are a favorite of macaw fanciers due to their compact size, intelligence and superb pet quality. Though Hahn’s macaws are not as flashy as larger macaws, they, along with their close cousin, the noble macaw, is highly prized for their “large macaw” personality in a mini-macaw body.Hahn’s Macaws are capable of learning many tricks and behavior


Hahn’s Macaw for sale

Hahn’s Macaw is also known as the Red-Shouldered Macaw and the Noble Macaw. According to parrots.org, its scientific name is Diopsittaca nobilis and there are two subspecies. They are cumanensis and longipennis which are distinguished by being slightly larger than the nobilis. owing a hahn’s macaw you must know   how safely  you can handle it and bellow are the details on how to handle  and care for your parrot

Letting Your Hanh’s Macaw Get Used to You

Allow the parrot to acclimate to their new surroundings. When you first get your hahn’s Macaw, you should leave it alone and let it get used to its new surroundings. Macaws aren’t afraid of humans, but moving to a completely new area can cause stress and cause them to be mistrustful at first. Give the bird time to get used to its new cage.

Feeding your Hahn’s  Macaw

Serve a diet containing 75% base diet mix. For the base diet mix, you could serve pellets or a specialized bird food mix. Pellets are a good option because they contain all of your bird’s nutritional needs in a single food source. Because pellets lack phytonutrients and may contain additives, some people prefer a bird food mix containing raw ingredients. In either case, look for pellets or a base diet with a balanced mix of nutrients and few additives. In the main food dish, this base diet mix will constitute three quarters of your macaw’s diet

Offer 25% fruits and vegetables in a separate dish. Wash a few fruits and vegetables to remove any possible chemicals. Chop them up into small pieces. Serve the fruits and vegetables in a separate dish from the base diet mix. This dish should account for a quarter or 25% of your macaw’s diet.



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