Chantel Macaws, located in Perth Western Australia is home to the most amazing Birds  in the world, . Chantel macaws and cockatoos is a responsible and ethical breedera and vets Association that is devoted to the betterment and education about the breed and bird ownership. There has been a great deal of effort in the past to maintain the health of these birds. However, there are still concerns within the breed that can be improved. Our mission is to produce happy and healthy birds that make great family companions. We strive to produce show-quality, healthy, wrinkly, colorful feathers and hand-raised birds 


Our birds are hand raised. We strive to produce healthy birds and are on a never-ending quest to improve. At Chantel Macaws and cockatoos we know you probably don’t have any intentions of showing or breeding however, we want to provide that top-notch quality that you deserve. Our team has truly dedicated their lives to improving and breeding high-quality birds.  


It’s not easy to produce good-looking birds and that we all drool over on the TV and in cartoons. It’s taken us years and years to get to the point of consistently producing awesome feathers and super-intelligent birds. No macaw is cheap! So, if you’re going to spend the money, spend it on a Professional breeder that will surpass your expectations.ntel



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